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Who We Are
A Family Farm

Our entire family participates in growing the food that we are blessed to eat everyday and proud to provide to our Jamul community and local areas.

A Christian Farm

We believe that our Creator gives the ultimate provision in both the blessings in this life and in sending his Son, Jesus, as our Savior. It is this underlying belief and focus that is the source of our continual Gratitude.

We take our role as caretakers of the earth very seriously, which is why we use regenerative growing methods and teach our children to do the same.

A Small Farm

We currently grow all of our row crops and fruit trees on 1/2 acre of our 4 acre farm. By operating on such a small scale we are able to personally seed, water, tend, and harvest all of the food that comes off of our farm by hand. We see each seed sprout, and each fruit form. We use succession and interplanting to maximize the use of our space.

By limiting our focus to our local community we are able to develop a personal relationship with each of our members to better connect them to their food.

Why We Grow
Nourishing Our Community in the Healthiest Way Possible

It is our sincere desire that everyone in our community nourish their bodies in the healthiest way possible. We strongly believe that a connection to the earth and to the food that we eat is an essential part of this and that the best way to achieve the healthiest community is for everyone to grow as much of their own food as possible. For this reason we love to share growing information and offer seedlings for sale and as part of our Box Subscriptions, however for those that cannot or do not want to grow all that they need, we are blessed do it for you.

Our Growing Methods

We believe that the health of our soil directly affects the nutrition of the food that we grow which ultimately impacts the vitality of those who eat it (and that includes us!).

We also believe that a connection to the earth and to our food is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

For these reasons, we practice the following growing methods:

Absolutely No Pesticides or Herbicides

We use absolutely no pesticides or herbicides. Ever. This includes organically approved products.

By growing in season, maintaining healthy soil, and using pest exclusionary methods we are able to provide beautiful food that is clean and not laden with checmicals.

Building Soil

Because we believe that our soil plays such an essential role in the quality of the food that we grow, we use regenerative practices to not only maintain the health of our soil, but to increase it. These practices include minimal soil disturbance (or minimal tillage), cover cropping, composting and compost application, soil testing, nutrient balancing via natural inputs, crop rotation, crop diversity, and encouraging and attracting beneficial insects. By caring first and foremost for our soil, we are able to grow the most nutrient dense food possible.

Only Non-GMO Crops

We do not grow any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO crops at our farm. We believe that food was created by God to be perfect nourishment and that any modification at the genetic level can have potentially disasterous results. We do not support this practice and strongly recommend that everyone become educated on what they are putting into their own bodies and those of their family. While many may be surprised to learn that the only currently approved GMO crops in the United States are corn, soybeans, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, cotton, squash, potatoes, apples, and papaya, they also may be surprised that many of the products that are widely sold in stores contain at least one of these GMO crops as an ingredient.

Seasonal Growing

We grow all of our produce in its appropriate season; which means tomatoes and peppers in the hotter months and peas and kale in the cooler months. Vegetables and fruits grown in their proper season are the most nutrient dense and can be harvested at the peak of their flavor and, because the appropriate season provides the ideal growing conditions for each crop, the plants are at optimum health. This means that they can fight off disease and pest pressure more efficiently and effectively than plants that are already struggling with their environment and they will produce more abundantly which enables us to maximize our small growing area.

Hand Farming Methods
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We do not use a tractor on our farm. By keeping our feet on the ground and hand planting, weeding, and harvesting each crop we are able to maintain an intimate connection to the food that we grow. We KNOW this food, which gives us the utmost confidence that it is the healthiest food possible to feed to our family and our community.



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